Retirement Benefit Payments

All retirements are effective on the first day of the month. Retirement benefits are paid monthly on the first of the month, except the first payment. The ERS requires certification of the final sick leave balance from the M-NCPPC's Payroll Department before releasing the first payment. In addition, a final Personnel Action Form must be received from the M-NCPPC's Personnel Department. New retirees normally receive the first retirement benefit payment six (6) weeks after the effective date of retirement.

Direct deposit ensures timely delivery of retirement benefits and eliminates the chance of a lost or stolen check. The ERS strongly encourages retirees to sign up for direct deposit by completing the Form, Electronic Deposit Authorization.

  • A voided personal check (checking account) or account deposit ticket (savings account) with the retiree's name pre-printed on it is required.
  • The retiree’s banking institution may help complete the form.
  • The form must be signed by the retiree.
Retirees can change the direct deposit account by completing another form. Changes must be submitted to the ERS before the 10th day of the month preceding the month of payment. Changes received after the 10th may not be processed until the following month.

To learn about the advantages of direct deposit and the ERS' policies regarding paper checks, refer to the Fact Sheet, Important Notice Regarding Direct Deposit