Long-Range Planning Section


The Active Community Plans Application shows the plans that are currently active and applicable to any given property. It also links to the plan’s publication page, where you can view and download the community plan. If a plan does not appear on this map, it is no longer applicable.

Upcoming Plans

Ongoing Projects

Completed Plans

Completed Minor Amendments

Long Range Planning Section
  1. Scott Rowe

    Supervisor, Long-Range Planning
    Phone: 301-952-3521

  2. Adam Dodgshon

    Planner Coordinator
    Phone: 301-952-3153

  3. Thomas Lester

    Senior Planner
    Phone: 301-952-3756

  4. Michael Zamore

    Planner Coordinator
    Phone: 301-952-3972

  5. Betty Carlson-Jameson

    Planner Coordinator
    Phone: 301-952-3179