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E-Mail Addresses


Community Outreach/Media Relations: For community outreach and media relations questions regarding the Planning Board, the Commission, community events, and commenting on issues before the Planning Board:

Phone: 301-952-3560,  Fax: 301-952-5074, E-Mail:    

Planning Department E-Mail Addresses

Office of Planning Director

Fern Piret, Planning Director

Deputy Planning Director   

Terry Johnson, Budget Coordinator

Terry Hilmer
Facilities Management/General Administration

Kathleen Wilson, Manager
Human Resources/Administrative

Rana Hightower, Legislative Coordinator

Vacant, Administrative Manager
Publication/Graphics and Office Services

Ralph Barrett, Supervisor
Office Services

Vanessa Akins,
Strategy and Implementation

Community Planning 

Ivy Lewis, Division Chief

Fred Stachura, Acting Planning Supervisor Community Planning

J. Steve Kaii-Ziegler, Planning Supervisor
Community Planning

David A. Green, Planning Supervisor
Community Planning

Click here for community planners' e-mail addresses by project.

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Countywide Planning

Derick Berlage, Division Chief

Katina Shoulars, Planning Supervisor 
Environmental Planning

Howard Berger, Planning Supervisor
Historic Preservation

Maria Martin, Planning Supervisor 
Special Projects/Research

Tom Masog, Planning Supervisor
Transportation Planning

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Development Review

Alan Hirsch, Division Chief

Cheryl Summerlin, Permit Review Supervisor

Retha Pompey-Green
Office Supervisor - Development Review,
Administrative Support

Deborah Gallagher, Permit Review Supervisor
Permit Review/Walk-thru Permit
Largo Office

Lauren Oliphant, Permit Review Supervisor
Planning Information Services

Whitney Chellis, Planning Supervisor

Henry Zhang, Planning Supervisor
Urban Design Review

Jimi Jones, Planning Supervisor

Information Management Information Management

James Cannistra, Division Chief

Michael Aycoth, Supervisor—Data Systems

Michael Shean, Acting Planning Supervisor—
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Somchai Boonchaisri, IT Systems Supervisor—
Network and Technology Services