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Frequently Asked Questions-Diversity

We value, celebrate and thrive on the diverse abilities, perspectives, and backgrounds of our staff and the communities we serve.

How does the Prince George’s County Planning Department define diversity?
Diversity within the Planning Department refers to those differences between individuals employed in our organization, each of whom contributes to a rich and varied work environment. These differences include (but are not limited to) race, gender, ethnicity, age, personality, sexual orientation, physical abilities, cognitive style, religious and political beliefs, economic status, and education.  The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect of individual differences, and the exploration of these differences in a positive and nurturing environment. It is about moving beyond mere tolerance of differences to understanding, embracing and celebrating the varied dimensions of each individual and recognizing their value to our workplace.

What is the Culture Change Initiative (CCI)?
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The Culture Change Initiative is the diversity program of the Prince George’s County Planning Department.  Launched in 2005, CCI represents a commitment by the Planning Department to develop an inclusive workplace that recognizes the value of a diverse staff population.  It is designed to create a corporate culture that is attractive for recruitment and retention, reduces negative employee perceptions, and improves staff morale.  Through training and staff support, CCI continues to provide a learning environment to help our Department better serve the residents of Prince George’s County and encourage personal growth in a culturally rich work environment.

What makes diversity and inclusion important at the Prince George’s County Planning Department?
The Prince George’s County Planning Department serves an increasingly diverse population.  As the cultural composition of Prince George’s County continues to evolve, our Department’s ability to effectively meet the needs of residents is strengthened as we foster and strategically manage diversity and inclusion in our workplace.  Our Department recognizes that by embracing diversity and inclusion, we are able to enrich our performance and products; improve our relationships, morale and teamwork; enhance problem solving, innovation, and creativity; strengthen our ties to the county’s communities; and provide effective customer services with the ability to better respond to future challenges and opportunities.

What kinds of programs does M-NCPPC have to accommodate diverse lifestyles?
M-NCPPC offers a wide variety of programs to accommodate various work schedules, child care needs, “green” initiatives, and education assistance.  For more information, please see the links on the left side of this page.

What types of diversity events is M-NCPPC currently sponsoring?

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