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Special Projects/Research

The Special Projects Section

  •  An interdisciplinary team responsible for providing technical advice on agricultural issues and public facility needs in the preparation of master and sector plans, preparing functional master plans, developing adequate public facility policies, and coordinating the mandatory referral process.
  • Also responsible for activities and projects that address comprehensive public facility planning at the County level.
  • Staff provide planning services for a variety of public facilities including schools, water, sewer, fire, police, and libraries and provides technical support to the County’s Police Department, Fire/EMS Department, Library System, and the Board of Education. See listing of Special Reports and Studies.

The Research Unit 

  • Responsible for the preparation of a wide variety of research, forecasting, reporting, and data collection activities.
  • Assures the availability of detailed information and information services on planning activities and processes.
  • The collection, analysis, and presentation of relevant County data are critical to residents, government agencies, and private businesses. Accurate and useful information on the County and its environs is essential to the formulation of appropriate plans and policies consistent with the mission of the Planning Department. 

Contact Staff

Maria Martin  


Kerry Gathers

Countywide Planning Division
GIS Specialist


Agricultural Team

Gül Guleryuz

Urban Agriculture
Food Systems


Fatimah Hasan
Agricultural Preservation

Mandatory Referral


Public Facilities Team

Jay Mangalvedhe

Public Facilities Referral
Libraries and Corrections


Christine Osei WSSC Liaison                  Mandatory Referral 301-952-3313
Tiffany Williams Jennings Schools, Fire/EMS, and Police
Water and Sewer

Research Team


Special Research Studies Housing Policy Analysis

Ted Kowaluk

Real Estate Market Analysis

Mandatory Referral



View current and completed Research Reports and Studies. See listing of Research Reports and Studies available on our Publications list. 

Additional Research Staff Contact:

Jacqueline Philson Master Planner,
Special Research Studies, Economic Development, Housing, Real Estate Market, Economic Trends and Demographic Analysis