Prince George's County Planning Department

Maps and Technical Data

Below are samples of transportation maps. The Approved Countywide Master Plan of Transportation is available on-line now. Open publication here.

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Technical Data

PGAtlas (Master Plans right-of-way inventory for Prince George's County, Maryland)

How to access planned right-of-way on PGAtlas

This layer represents an inventory of planned rights-of-way (ROW) for Prince George's County as graphically shown in the master plans, sector plans and the Countywide Master Plan of Transportation (MPOT). This inventory of ROW was originally created by digitizing proposed master plan alignments from 200' scale paper maps. While the alignments depicted in master plans, sector plans and the MPOT are largely illustrative, and may not be considered legally sufficient, the alignments shown in PGAtlas are drawn to scale and represent the most accurate location as intended in the master plans.

These maps are maintained by staff within the Transportation Planning Section of the Countywide Planning Division. As future master plan ROW's are identified or amended through the master plan, sector plan, development review and/or capital project planning processes, this coverage will be revised or maintained accordingly on a regular basis by Transportation Planning Section staff.