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Watch the Planning Board Live

video iconWatch now. When the Planning Board is in session, you will be directed to a streaming video of the meeting. View current meeting agenda here.

Planning Board sessions are held on Thursdays in the Council Hearing Room of the County Administration Building. Development Review Items begin at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted. 

Please note: In case of inclement weather, please call 301-952-5330 to check on the status of the Planning Board meeting.

For questions contact Cheryl Summerlin at 301-952-3578.

Video Streaming Requirements

Desktop Browsers

This table lists which desktop browsers are fully supported by JW Player.

 Browser HTML5 Flash
 Chrome   yes   yes 
 Firefox   yes  yes 
 Internet Explorer 9+  yes*  yes 
 Safari  yes  yes 
*Flash is required on IE9 for rendering all video

JW Player specs source:‐browser--‐device--‐reference

Mobile Devices

Due to the speed of adoption of mobile operating systems, JW Player fully tests and supports the latest versions on the most popular devices. This table lists which mobile browsers are officially supported by JW Player using HTML5:

 Device Operating System Devices
Safari on iPhone iOS 8+ iPhone 4s through current
*video is only played in full screen mode
Safari on iPad iOS 8+  iPad 2 through current
Chrome on Android     Android 4.0+ Any running Android 4.0
*JW Player will not work with Flash for Android

Mobile Limitations

There are limitations to video playback on mobile devices compared to desktop browsers:

  • Auto-starting a video on page load is not possible on mobile devices.
  • Playing multiple videos at the same time is not possible on mobile devices.
  • JW Player will not work with Flash for Android.
  • Changing the mute state and volume is not possible on mobile.
  • On iPhone only, video is only played in full screen mode. On iPad and Android, video can be played either windowed or in full screen.

Meeting Archive

Click here  to access the Planning Board's meeting archive. 

By clicking on the link above, you will be directed to an archive of the Planning Board meeting and meeting agendas. Please note: Flash Player or JW Player is needed to view the County Board videos. Visitors will be prompted to install if needed. Flash or JW Player are cross-platform video plug-ins used to view these recorded sessions. The live Planning Board sessions are also best viewed in either the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser. Contact Webmaster if you are having difficulties accessing this service.