Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Mission, Vision and Goals


To guide mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly, and environmentally sensitive development around the Bowie State MARC station.

This plan will focus on "transit-oriented development" around the MARC station and serve as a catalyst for a community town center. It will facilitate Bowie State University's expansion in the short-medium term and attract additional development and investment in the long term.


Achieve a compact, environmentally sensitive, pedestrian-friendly, and transit-supportive mixed-use community center that serves BSU students and faculty as well as surrounding neighborhoods and MARC commuters.


  • Design an economically viable and environmentally sensitive mixed-used center
  • Propose land uses that will generate a sustainable revenue stream for Bowie State University
  • Increase the amount of housing for Bowie State University students and faculty
  • Balance the needs of Bowie State University with that of local commuters and surrounding communities
  • Expand pedestrian safety and mobility
  • Enhance the economic viability of Old Town Bowie
  • Connect Old Town Bowie to the MARC Station and the Community Center
  • Support Prince George's County Green Infrastructure goals
  • Provide a realistic implementation action plan, with both short- and long-term goals and strategies