Prince George's County Planning Department

Other Planning Projects

Countywide Master Plan of Transportation

This project will update the Countywide Master Plan of Transportation and will build on the recommendations of the General Plan, approved by the County Council in December of 2002. As a functional master plan, the Countywide Master Plan of Transportation will address how the transportation network supports the county’s development pattern by linking public and private resources with specific transportation policies, facilities and services that help attain the goals and concepts in the General Plan.

Bowie & Vicinity Master Plan and Section Map Amendment

This Master Plan guides growth and land use in Planning Areas 71A, 71B, 74A, and 74B. It encourages the revitalization of Old Town Bowie and redevelopment of Bowie Main Street, West Bowie Village, and Pointer Ridge as mixed-use activity centers. The plan recommends that flexible zoning regulations be enacted to preserve the area’s rural character and sensitive environmental features and includes land use concepts and illustrative sketches to encourage development centered on a future transit hub in the Bowie Regional Center. It recommends a Community Center Designation for the MARC Station and calls for the preparation of a Sector Plan to guide the redevelopment of the MARC Station parking lot and its surrounding properties with vertical mixed-use, pedestrian- and transit-supportive development including housing and retail uses with structured parking.

Prince George's County Approved General Plan

The General Plan makes comprehensive recommendations for guiding future development within Prince George’s County. The plan recommends goals, objectives, policies, and implementation strategies for the following plan elements: Environmental Infrastructure, Transportation Systems, Public Facilities, Economic Development, Housing, Revitalization, Urban Design, and Historic Preservation.