Prince George's County Planning Department

Background, Purpose & Goals

W.H. Early StoreDuring the preparation of the Subregion 5 and Subregion 6 master plans, approved in the fall of 2009, residents expressed concerns that new and planned development located at the Brandywine Crossing Shopping Center and the Villages of Timothy Branch will negatively impact the existing, older, established community along Brandywine Road in the vicinity of the railroad tracks. More recently, additional suburban and commercial development proposed to be located adjacent to the study area, in the Stephens Crossing application, has added to citizens concerns about the viability of the existing Brandywine community.

Brandywine Bible ChurchCommunity members expressed a desire to preserve and strengthen the older commercial area and surrounding neighborhoods. To revitalize the commercial area along MD 381, suggestions were made to promote tourism around historic properties and grow new businesses appropriate to the scale and character of the community. The purpose of the Brandywine Revitalization and Preservation Study is to provide strategies and recommendations that stakeholders can use to realize, over time, a unique, viable community, distinct from the larger Brandywine community in that it capitalizes on a historic, small town character. The primary, near term focus is to improve the look and function of the commercial area along Brandywine Road, and address pedestrian safety and circulation.

The goals of this project are to:

  1. Create a shared community concept and formulate implementation strategies
  2. Evaluate heavy truck traffic and unsafe conditions for pedestrians along Brandywine Road
  3. Identify strategies to reduce negative impacts of truck traffic
  4. Identify strategies that use the preservation of historic sites to improve the community
  5. Identify pedestrian connections to enable safe walking and bicycling throughout the community, encouraging active, healthy lifestyles, and identify possible funding sources
  6. Identify types of businesses, appropriate in terms of scale and community character, that would revitalize the commercial area;
  7. Investigate storm water drainage issues and solutions
  8. Pursue opportunities to distinguish this part of Brandywine from the larger surrounding community; create a unique community identity
  9. 9.  Build on existing civic, business, philanthropic, and religious partnerships to strengthen community identity and cohesiveness
  10. Forge community partnerships that will work toward implementing the strategies and recommendations in the study