Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Description

The Central Avenue corridor contains three Metrorail stations along the Blue Line: Capitol Heights, Addison Road, and Morgan Boulevard. The 2002 Prince George's County General Plan designates the Capitol Heights and Addison Road Metro areas as Community Centers. The General Plan designates the Morgan Boulevard Metro area as a Regional Center.

The county has not prepared a plan for the area around the Capitol Heights Metro Station. No development has occurred near the station on the Maryland side of the District line.

New residential development is beginning to occur at a number of locations within the Greater Central Avenue Study Area. This includes several projects that are “in the pipeline” (under review for approvals). Additional development is planned to occur in the future. The county wishes to ensure that development near the Metro stations capitalizes on their proximity. It also wants new development elsewhere within the greater Central Avenue area to help create attractive pedestrian- and transit-oriented places. Finally, the county wants to ensure that public facilities needed to serve this development are financed and constructed in a timely fashion.