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A sector plan applies policies of the Prince George's County Approved General Plan to a defined community of Prince George’s County. A sector plan looks at this smaller area in more detail, examining issues, challenges, and opportunities within the area and understanding how the area relates to larger countywide and regional systems. A sector plan develops policies and strategies to address particular plan area conditions and results in a framework to guide future (re)development in the plan area. This framework usually includes specific land use, transportation, public facilities, and urban design recommendations.


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Pieces of the Central Branch Avenue sector plan area have been included in several recent plans by The Maryland–National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). However, no plan has considered how these pieces relate to common economic, land use, and transportation issues. The need for this type of analysis has become critical; as area traffic congestion continues to increase, the absence of a strong office market poses impediments to area retail improvements and transit-oriented development near the Branch Avenue Metro Station, and changes at Joint Base Andrews and new state transit plans soon will affect the sector plan area. The new plan will help the community understand these forces and impacts and develop strategies that can bring benefits to the Camp Springs-Morningside-Clinton area.


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The Central Branch Avenue Corridor Revitalization Sector Plan will look at the Camp Springs–Morningside–Clinton area in more detail than the Subregion 5 Master Plan (2009) and the Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington Joint Land Use Study (2009). The sector plan also will follow up on recommendations in the recent St. Barnabas-Beech Road Industrial Study and Action Plan (2010). All of these plans suggested additional study for the Joint Base Andrews/Branch Avenue vicinity with the goal of developing strategies to:


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Revised plan goals


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The Central Branch Avenue Corridor Revitalization Sector Plan area consists of several communities and employment areas located northwest and south of Joint Base Andrews. The plan will focus on six key areas that can benefit from new strategies for economic development and revitalization:

 Camp Springs Focus Area

 Clinton Commercial Core (Woodyard Road) Focus Area

 Allentown Road-Suitland Road Focus Area

 Coventry Way Focus Area

 Southern Maryland Hospital Center Focus Area

 St. Barnabas Road-Beech Road Industrial Focus Area