Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Overview

A sector plan and Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) were completed for the College Park US 1 Corridor in April 2002. A new mixed-use zone called the Mixed-Use Infill (MUI) Zone was created in order to execute the recommendations of the sector plan.

Portions of the proposed Central US 1 Corridor sector plan were not addressed by the 2002 College Park US 1 Corridor plan and were last addressed comprehensively in the 1989 Langley Park-College Park-Greenbelt master plan. Recent development interest in these properties and associated impacts of new development on roadways, public facilities, the visual environment, and the green infrastructure network make its inclusion important.

The 2002 sector plan does not address several key initiatives that are expected to play a major role in the future growth and development of the area. These initiatives include the Purple Line, a proposed transit line that will link Bethesda to New Carrollton and will include several stops on the University of Maryland campus and the US 1 Corridor area; the University Connector, a direct road link between the campus and I-95; the University of Maryland M Square research and office park located east of the College Park Metro Station; and the East Campus Redevelopment Initiative, which will result in the near-total redevelopment of the segment of campus located east of US 1.

Unanticipated development pressure in the area and an inadequate transportation system has resulted in conditions at odds with the recommendations and design standards of the current plan. Concern has also been expressed by the City of College Park that the design standards do not accomplish the goals of the plan, and they should be re-evaluated.

The sector plan update will incorporate the recommendations of the recently completed College Park Route 1 Study, a transportation study coordinated by the Countywide Planning Division. Policies and strategies will be reexamined in light of the 2002 General Plan, the Purple Line initiative, the University of Maryland's development plans, and other recent studies, changing markets, and community needs. The new plan will make comprehensive planning and zoning recommendations to implement development of a compact, vertical mixed-use, pedestrian- and transit-friendly Corridor consistent with the recommendations of the General Plan and will focus on identified Corridor Nodes within the sector plan area.