Prince George's County Planning Department

Plan Area

For the purposes of land use planning and urban design, the project area is roughly defined by:
  • Southern Avenue as a western boundary
  • Suitland Road as a northern boundary
  • I95/495 (Capital Beltway) as the eastern boundary
  • Branch Avenue as the southern boundary

The project area extends approximately a quarter mile beyond Suitland Road at its intersection with Silver Hill Road to include all of the area defined as the Suitland Mixed-Use Town Center (Suitland M U TC). It also includes the Iverson Mall and Marlow Heights Shopping Center. The southern boundary near the Naylor Road and Southern Avenue stations follows roadway center lines from Branch Avenue to Curtis Road, 28th Parkway, Oxon Run Drive, 23rd Parkway, and Chadwick Street, past Panorama Elementary School, and along the north bank of Barnaby Run Stream to Wheeler Road.

Transportation planning will focus on access routes and connections to the Metro stations for all modes, movement between stations, and movement to major destinations in the defined study corridor. The plan will look beyond the defined study corridor at issues related to bus transit and proposed fixed guideway transit from the stations to destinations in the subregion.

One challenge will be to identify options for creating a viable corridor for movement and development between the four stations. The Metro Green Line transit service itself provides one functional corridor for movement with four points of interface with the community—and the project is specifically focused on land within half a mile of stations.

However, additional economic development benefits are sought for improvement of the pedestrian and shopping environment as well as surface connections between the stations and to major redevelopment sites (such as the two large malls roughly three-quarters of a mile south of Suitland Station). This goal of extending the influence of the transit stations is constrained by topographic features in the project corridor, including wet soils, steep slopes, and built features such as Suitland Parkway, which is a four-lane divided parkway managed by the National Park Service.