Prince George's County Planning Department

Naylor Road Metro Station

 NaylorMFapts The Naylor Road Station is located just south of Suitland Parkway and near the north terminus of MD 5, which is Branch Avenue. The triangular piece of land defined by Naylor Road and Branch Avenue includes the station owned by WMATA and physically declining commercial buildings, which the Branch Avenue Sector Plan identified for redevelopment.

On the east side of Branch Avenue and south of the parkway, a proposal for a major new office complex has been made to the General Service Administration (GSA) on the site of an old shopping center. The State of Maryland designated Naylor Road as a priority TOD site, and street enhancements are planned to improve pedestrian safety and vehicular movement.

Location: Suitland Pkwy, Naylor Road and Branch Ave.
Year opened: 2001
Parking spaces (Long-term): 368
Average weekday boardings (2009): 3144
Population within ½ mile (2010): 5090
Metrobus: 10 routes
Prince George's County 'The Bus': 1 route
Travel times to other Metro stations:
Gallery Place                    17 min.
Metro Center                    24 min. with transfer
Reagan National Airport      28 min. with transfer

WMATA owned land: 7.6 acres


Existing conditions and rendering from the Branch Avenue Sector Plan



Pedestrian crossing Branch Avenue. And multi-family residential