Prince George's County Planning Department

Southern Avenue Metro Station

SouthernCarsBluff The Southern Avenue Station is just south of the boundary between the District of Columbia and Prince George’s County. The station sits at the bottom of a steep slope in the Oxon Run valley, a stream protected by parkland. A small subdivision lies north of the station in the District of Columbia and townhouse and single-family subdivisions are located to the east of the station.

Undeveloped land on the heights south of the station has development potential, if soil and environmental issues can be addressed. The station itself has a large parking deck structure and bus facilities.

Location: Southern Avenue and Valley Terrace
Year opened: 2001
Parking spaces: 1980
Average weekday boardings (2009): 6263
Population within ½ mile (2010): 4169
Metrobus: 10 routes
Prince George's County 'The Bus': 1 route
Travel times to other Metro stations:
Gallery Place                    14 min.
Metro Center                    23 min. with transfer
Reagan National Airport      25 min. with transfer

WMATA owned land: 19.3 acres


Parking lot defined by bluffs



Parking deck