Prince George's County Planning Department

Transit-Oriented Development Resources

Prince George’s County Planning Department Tasks and Resources

The Prince George’s County Planning Department has a wealth of resources and capabilities that will be dedicated to the project. Senior staff has recent and ongoing project experience in the corridor and in-depth knowledge of and contacts with local stakeholders. A fulltime project manager has been assigned to be the primary point of contact with the consultant team and a Technical Advisory Committee has formed with representatives from county agencies and our partnering agencies, including WMATA. An executive level Steering Committee, with represenatives from state, regional and county agencies, will provide direction to the project team at crucial decision points in the process. Prince George’s County Planning Department staff will initiate and administer the Sector Plan process, which is a legislative process that gains the County Council’s approval of the plan as the County’s development policy.

Background Data Sets and Digital Files

Prince George’s County Planning Department will provide relevant existing data sets, digital files, and plans relating to the study areas. The County has over 250 GIS layers and GIS shapefiles including: parcels, road centerlines, slopes and contour lines, soils, FEMA floodplain, vegetation, hydrology, zoning, trails, impervious surfaces, sidewalks, structures and building footprints with height and roof type. Geo-referenced color aerial photos from 2009 are available at ½ foot resolution. An incomplete set of traffic counts and intersection data is available for the study corridor, with new counts to be included in the scope of services. A demographic profile from the 2010 U.S. Census is also available.