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Metro Green Line Corridor Action Plan Brochure

February 11, 2012 Stakeholder Meeting:

Green Line project staff and consultants met with key stakeholders from all four Metro station areas, including business owners, property owners, community and civic association leaders, county and state elected officials, to discuss the potential benefits to be derived from transit oriented development and start a dialogue about the realistic potentials for change in the corridor.

Click here for the February 2012 meeting presentation

Participants were asked to respond to the following three questions:

1. What are the biggest challenges to creating change in this area and how can these be overcome?

2. What amenities are needed in order to jumpstart change in this area?

3. Why should someone want to invest in this area?

Click here for a summary of responses to the questions above  


Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel Report (ULI TAP) (August 25, 2011)  

TAP_Cover The objective of ULI Washington’s Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) program is to provide expert, multidisciplinary advice on land use and real estate issues facing public agencies and nonprofit organizations in the Washington Metropolitan area.

The panel stated that substantial change is possible over time with policy and leadership focused on one station, which they suggested should be the Branch Avenue station. In order to guide this process the panel also recommended that a liaison for the Green Line corridor be created in the County Executive’s office. Commending the county’s AAA credit rating, the TAP suggested using the many tools and incentives that the county has at its disposal to partner with the private sector investors.