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Notice of Initiation for a New Sector Plan and Sectional (Zoning) Map Amendment for the Metro Green Line Corridor:

On March 20, 2012, the Prince George's County Council approved Council Resolution CR-10-2012, which authorizes The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission to prepare a new sector plan and sectional map amendment (SMA) for the Metro Green Line Corridor.  The Council simultaneously approved the goals, concepts, and guidelines and a public participation program for this comprehensive planning project for the Metro Green Line Corridor (Planning Areas 75A and 76A)

PDFclick here for Council Resolution CR-10-2012

PDFclick here for the goals, concepts, and guidelines and public participation program (Attachment A)

Interested citizens are encouraged to participate in public meetings and workshops to be scheduled in the future and advertised through the project contact list and here on the project website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES AND PROPERTY OWNERS:  The workshops will lead to a public hearing (in approximately one year) by the Prince George's County Council and the Prince George's County Planning Board.  This hearing will be important to persons owning land in the area because the plan establishes polices that will help define the type, amount, character, and location of future development.  APPROVAL OF A NEW SECTIONAL MAP AMENDMENT COULD RESULT IN THE REZONING OF YOUR PROPERTY, WHICH COULD THEN AFFECT YOUR PROPERTY VALUES AND YOUR TAX LIABILITY.

For additional information, contact Barry Gore, Project Manager, M-NCPPC, Prince George's County Planning Department, Community Planning South Division, 301-952-3972