Prince George's County Planning Department

What Is a Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment?

A sector plan is a report approved by the District Council that establishes how the County would like land in the project area to develop in the future. In collaboration with stakeholders, a sector plan conducts a comprehensive analysis of the project area’s current conditions, examining economic, community, environmental, design, transportation, and public facility issues as well as the area’s future opportunities and challenges. The result of this planning process is an action plan that will direct the revitalization or redevelopment of the project area to encourage quality economic development and improve the safety, quality of life, and appearance of the affected community.

A sectional map amendment (SMA) is a process that establishes the zoning of properties in an area. Zoning is the legal power of government to regulate the use of private property. The SMA may change the existing zoning in the area to permit the land use recommendations in the sector plan.

For more information, please see the Citizen's Handbook—Planning, Zoning, and Development Review in Prince George's County.