Prince George's County Planning Department

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Opportunities and Issues


  • Complete planning for the entire length of the MD 202 Corridor, including short- and longterm
    strategies that will enhance this important thoroughfare.
  • Develop innovative economic development and urban design solutions to encourage the
    revitalization of commercial areas.
  • Develop an implementation strategy for transitoriented,mixed-use development adjacent to the Metro station that takes advantage of its strategic location within the county.
  • Provide guidance for the restoration of environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Determine the appropriate types, location, and relationship of nonindustrial and industrial uses.


  • Difficult for pedestrians to access Metro due to the station’s location and roadway barriers.
  • Conditions of existing commercial centers and properties.
  • Construction and poor drainage patterns have had an adverse impact on the surrounding
    streams and floodplain.
  • Inter-neighborhood connectivity is difficult, especially adjacent to the Baltimore Washington
    Parkway and US 50.