Prince George's County Planning Department

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Project Area

The proposed sector plan area will focus on the properties adjacent to the Landover Metro Station
and the MD 202 Corridor between the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Barlowe Road. The recommended project boundary will be considered by the Planning Board and approved by the District Council during the formal initiation of the sector plan. It is envisioned that, at a minimum, the proposed sector plan will include the following properties:

  • Cheverly Station Apartments and Landover Park Shopping Center east of Route 50.
  • Landover Metro Station, southern portions of the Ardwick Industrial Park, Beall’s Pleasure, and Hunter’s Ridge development site.
  • Overland Park and King Square Apartments, Dodge Plaza Shopping Center, and M-NCPPC
    property on the north side of MD 202 between US 50 and Martin Luther King Jr Highway
    (MD 704).
  • Kent Village and Stadium Station Shopping Center on the south side of MD 202 between
    US 50 and MD 704.

Proposed Project Boundary

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Landover Metro Area and MD 202 Corridor Proposed Project Boundary