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Most people are willing to walk for about ten minutes, or roughly half a mile, to access a rail transit station. Therefore, planning for transit-oriented development focuses on the area within half a mile of a station - drawn on maps as the walk circle, with the station at its center. Within the walk circle, the process seeks opportunities to locate additional transit riders going to new destinations, such as jobs, shops, and housing.

Principles of Transit-Oriented Development

  • Use transit to shape the growth of community centers.
  • Create a compact mix of land uses around transit stations that support, and benefit from, transit service.
  • Place highest-intensity development nearest to the transit station.
  • Provide direct pedestrian routes to the station.
  • Design the station area as a civic amenity and a recognizable place in the community.

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Largo Town Center Sector Plan and SMA

Largo Metro Station

The Approved Largo Town Center Sector Plan and Proposed Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) is available on-line. Contact Chidy Umeozulu, Planner Coordinator, at 301-952-4198.

Project Description:

This plan's goals are to:

  • Capitalize on current implementation projects such as the Central Avenue/Metro Blue Line Corridor TOD Implementation Plan.
  • Find ways to revitalize and transform the area.
  • Guide future TOD, and provide an implementation framework.
  • Evaluate and generate appropriate planning or zoning recommendation to promote TOD at the Metro station.
  • Improve the connectivity between the existing commercial uses and the Metro station.
  • Explore market feasibility and various means to bolster development and attract major office and retail tenants to the sector plan area

There are four approved minor amendments that have occurred since the approval of the plan. These include:  

  • Revising the Development District Standards of the Largo Town Center DDOZ to clarify the applicability of the minimum building heights.
  • clarifying the exemption of existing nonconforming uses from the development district standards.
  • including an allowance for free-standing and monumental signs.
  • modifying the design standards for free-standing and monumental signs.
  • CR-46-2016 - Resolution of Adoption for the Minor Amendment to the 2013 Largo Town Center Approved Sector Plan and SMA.

Project Boundary:

The Largo Town Center Station is bordered on the north by The Boulevard at the Capital Centre and to the east and south by large vacant tracts of land zoned for mixed-use commercial and residential development.