Prince George's County Planning Department

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Sector Plan Goals and Existing Conditions


Economic Development: Encourage quality economic development that will increase employment opportunities, income, and the tax base within the county.

Transportation Systems: Provide residents, workers, and visitors with a safe, affordable, and accessible multimodal transportation system that effectively meets the mobility needs of all users while meeting county growth, development, and community revitalization goals.

Housing: Enhance the quality and character of residential neighborhoods through the planning and provision of a high-quality mix of residential development that provides a choice of housing types.

Development Pattern: Promote a sustainable pattern of development that encourages economic vitality and efficient use of existing and proposed public facilities, while enhancing the quality and character of communities and neighborhoods and protecting environmentally sensitive lands.

Public Facilities: Provide needed public facilities in locations that efficiently serve the area's population.

Environmental Infrastructure: Preserve, enhance, and restore an interconnected network of significant countywide environmental features that retains ecological functions, maintains or improves water quality, and supports the desired development pattern of the General Plan.

Existing Conditions

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