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Approved Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment

Marlboro Pike Logo Thumbnail On November 17, 2009, the District Council approved the Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) with Council Resolution CR-90-2009 (DR-2). The approved plan and SMA consists of the following (the documents listed below require Adobe Reader to view/read): 

  • PDF Errata

  • PDF District Council Resolution CR-90-2009 (DR-2)

  • PDF Attachments to District Council Resolution CR-90-2009 (DR-2)

  • PDF District Council Resolution CR-51-2009 (DR-2)

  • PDF Prince George’s County Planning Board Resolution No. 09-84 

  • Copies of the approved plan and the Planning Board resolution with amendments to the plan are available for sale at the County Administration Building, M-NCPPC Information Center, Lower Level, or Office of the Clerk of the Council, Second Floor. You can also view the Planning Board Resolution here

    Three Development District Overlay Zone (DDOZ) character areas were approved along Marlboro Pike in four different areas:

    Character Area 1: Urban Residential

    The approved DDOZ regulations for this character area will emphasize small-scale urban housing options with only limited neighborhood commercial uses for properties fronting on Benning Road and Marlboro Pike from Clovis Avenue east to Opus Avenue.

    Character Area 2: Commercial Mixed-Use

    The approved DDOZ regulations for this character area promote a combination of vertical and horizontal mixed-use buildings with a greater emphasis on blending retail and office uses with residential development on Marlboro Pike between New Orleans Avenue and Forestville Road.

    Character Area 3: Low-Intensity Business Park

    The low-intensity business park classifies approximately 72 properties comprising 120 acres of land located between the Capital Beltway, Pennsylvania Avenue, Forestville Road, Parston Drive, Fernham Lane, and Cryden Way as Development District Overlay Zone (DDOZ). DDOZ regulations revise the list of permitted uses and develop standards and regulations regarding landscaping, screening, fencing, lighting, building intensity, and materials. The new regulations are intended to ensure that new development and redevelopment in this area will result in an attractive, low-intensity functional business park that is distinctive and compatible with its location close to the end of the runways for Andrews Air Force Base.

    Details of where you can obtain a copy of the Approved Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Adopted Sectional Map Amendment along with an on-line version of the plan are forthcoming.

    District Council and Prince George's County Planning Board Holds a Second Joint Public Hearing

    On September 21, 2009, the District Council and the Prince George’s County Planning Board held a second joint public hearing on the Adopted Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Endorsed Sectional Map Amendment. Public testimony focused on the 26 amendments that compose Council Resolution-51-2009 (DR-2). Staff presented an overview of the amendments including the intent and goals of a new Development District Overlay Zone (DDOZ) for a Business Park Character Area; the designation of two additional areas as DDOZ Commercial Mixed-Use Character Areas; and several zoning proposals not discussed at the first public hearing on March 10, 2009. There were 10 speakers at the hearing, many of whom discussed the impact the proposed rezonings will have on existing businesses, future expansion plans, the creation of nonconforming uses, and the dissolution of certain commercial uses in the new overlay zones. For additional details concerning the proposed amendments, please see the PowerPoint presentation below.

    PowerPoint Presented at the Second Joint Public Hearing on 9/21/09  

    On June 4, 2009, after a thorough review and analysis of the testimony received at the March 10th joint public hearing, the Planning Board adopted the Marlboro Pike sector plan and endorsed the sectional map amendment with revisions. Some of the major topics identified in the digest include: opposition to select rezoning proposals, future land use designations, improvements to pedestrian access, transportation, and environment.

    The revisions made by the Planning Board are described in the Prince George's County Planning Board Resolution PGCPB No. 09-84. The Adopted Marlboro Pike Plan and Endorsed Sectional Map Amendment consists of the preliminary plan and the adopted resolution.

    On June 16, 2009, the District Council held a work session to review the public testimony, the Planning Board's recommendations, and the adopted plan. At the work session, the District Council proposed several amendments to the adopted plan and endorsed the sectional map amendment. On July 21, 2009, the District Council approved Resolution CR-51-2009 (DR-2) that proposed amendments to the Adopted Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Endorsed Sectional Map Amendment and directed that a second public hearing be held to hear testimony on it.

    Council Resolution

    CR-51-2009 (DR-2)


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