Prince George's County Planning Department

Community Charrette

A charrette is an intensive, hands-on planning and design exercise where planners, property and business owners and other interested persons work together to discuss issues and potential solutions, create alternatives, and finally settle on a preferred plan for the future of the area.

In preparation for the two-day design charrette, three Alternative scenarios were developed for Marlboro Pike. Concept plans and other materials portray different ways in which the corridor could evolve over the next five-to-twenty-five years. Each Alternative presents a distinct concept for the function, features, and general character of the corridor as a whole and for specific parts of it. Each Alternative offers an overall vision for the future and each suggests different implications for the corridor and its subareas – in terms of land use mix, redevelopment potential, circulation system, urban design qualities, community facilities, housing profile, recreational opportunities, and other issues. The three alternatives are Commerce Corridor, Health and Wellness, and Home Again.

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The charrette participants dispersed into three groups focusing on the plan scenarios to reconfigure the designs that represented the concepts.
  • Commerce Corridor
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home Again