Prince George's County Planning Department

Merchant Survey

Prince George's County Planning Department is conducting a retail market study of Marlboro Pike as
part of the effort to revitalize vacant and underutilized properties with new uses that benefit the entire community. The Project Team is collecting information about local residents' shopping habits, their use of Marlboro Pike retail establishments, and their preferences for future retail uses along the corridor.
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Part One: Basic Business Operations
How long have you been in business at this location?
Do you:
If you rent, do you mind answering how much you pay?
How much space do you own/rent for your business? (e.g., # of square feet)
What is your annual sales volume?
< $250,000$250,000 - $500,000
$500,000 - $1,000,000> $1,000,000
What are your hours of operation?
Do you live in the neighborhood?
Why did you decide to open a business on Marlboro Pike?
Part Two: Customer Profile
Describe your overall business activity with regard to how busy you are during what day, time of day, and time of year.
What is your best selling product(s)?
Who are your customers?
How regular are your customers?
InfrequentlyNot Sure
Where do most of your clients live?
Please estimate the following with regard to how customers get to your shop.
  % Walk 
  % Drive 
  % Transit 
  % Other 
Are customers shopping on their way home from work?
Do most of your customers speak English?
Other prominent languages:
Do you know where most of your customers work?
Do they live in the neighborhood or commute?
Who is your competition? Where are they located?
Part Three: Neighborhood Conditions
What is your overall impression of the Marlboro Pike area?
What are the challenges of running your business on Marlboro Pike? Do all business owners on Marlboro Pike face these challenges?
Is security/crime a business concern?
YesNoNot sure
If yes, are the crimes primarily:
In-store shopliftingIn-store robbery (personal)
In-store robbery (property)Other in-store
Street crime robberyStreet crime assault
Other street crime
Is the perception of Marlboro Pike as a dangerous place more important than the actual crimes? What type of crime has the greatest negative impact on business?
Is parking a concern?
YesNoNot sure
Does metered parking deter shoppers?
YesNoNot sure
Are there enough on-street parking spaces close to the store?
YesNoNot sure
Part Four: Future of Marlboro Pike
What type of business does Marlboro Pike need that it currently lacks?
What would make business more successful on Marlboro Pike? Check all that apply.
Storefront ImprovementsBetter Security/Lower Crime
A Distinct Neighborhood Marketing IndustryBusiness Improvement District/Business Association
Additional or Better ParkingOther
If you marked "Other" in the previous questions, please provide your comments here:
Additional comments for the Marlboro Pike Planning Team: