Prince George's County Planning Department

Planning Board Digest of Testimony

Q: What is a "digest of testimony"?

A: A digest of testimony is an analysis of:

  1. Verbal or written testimony received at the joint public hearing
  2. Information submitted in writing before and after the public hearing within the designated public comment period
  3. Requests for zoning changes received within the public comment period

After the joint public hearing staff reviews these items, analyzes the testimony in terms of what the plan says, identifies the major issues, and makes recommendations to the Planning Board on whether to support or modify the plan. During the Planning Board work session the digest of testimony is reviewed and the Planning Board makes its recommendations.

Q: How many people spoke at the joint public hearing for Marlboro Pike on March 10, 2009?

A: There were 21 speakers at the Marlboro Pike joint public hearing on March 10, 2009.

Q: What were the major topics identified in the digest?

A: There were five major themes identified from the review of the public comments:

  1. Opposition to select rezoning proposals
  2. Future land use designations
  3. Improvements to pedestrian access
  4. Transportation
  5. Environment

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