Prince George's County Planning Department

Transcript Analysis and Digest of Testimony for Marlboro Pike

Link to the entire Marlboro Pike Digest of Testimony

This transcript analysis summarizes 46 exhibits and 47 pages of transcribed oral testimony, representing 21 speakers from the joint public hearing held March 10, 2009. Three new zoning requests were entered into the public record which officially closed March 25, 2009.

The analysis is organized into major subject areas including Community Development, Transportation, Public Facilities, Natural Environment, Design Guidelines, Sectional Map Amendment, General Comments, and Appendix. Technical addendums are identified in each chapter.

Within each subject area, the following is provided:

  1. Summary of testimony with the exhibit and/or speaker number and name
  2. Summaryof the preliminary sector plan's proposal and/or recommendation with an analysis of the request
  3. Staff recommendation
  4. Planning Board action

Items in the transcript analysis matrix are numbered: Items 1-47. Sectional Map Amendment changes (pages 162-222) in the plan are labeled with the letter "P" when they fall within a Priority Area (P1-38) and a letter "A", "B", or "C" when they fall within one of the transition areas between the Priotity Areas: A1-A49, B1-B30 and C1-C11.

It is recommended that the reader read through all of the testimony first and then read the summary of the plan recommendation relevant to the testimony and staff's analysis of the request and recommendations.