Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Overview

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The Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) will amend a portion of the 1985 Approved Master Plan and Adopted Sectional Map Amendment for Suitland-District Heights and Vicinity, Planning Areas 75A and 75B. The master plan is obsolete and does not incorporate the guiding principles of the 2002 General Plan. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation of the recommendations proposed in the current master plan is warranted and an assessment of the strategies outlined to reach our goals. Marlboro Pike has experienced some visible disinvestments and its blight is undermining the corridor's market potential. Deteriorating apartment complexes, some currently vacant, are concentrated along Marlboro Pike. Some shopping centers (strip-commercial) are declining and abandoned structures are a blighting influence. The area generally does not provide the various public service facilities that are needed to render a full range of community, social, and recreational services. The dispersion of public and semipublic facilities, professional offices, and recreation uses contribute to a lack of meaningful focal points for community activity. Marlboro Pike's average daily trips exceeds 30,000 vehicles, however, the marginal businesses along the corridor do not attract a large segment of the county's population. The lack of visual appeal resulting from incompatible building styles, lack of pedestrian walkways, poor design of vehicular access, inadequate parking, inadequate urban design elements and crime contributes to the lack of development.


  • Facilitate broad collaborative citizen participation
  • Encourage quality economic development
  • Ensure a healthy climate for private sector investment
  • Make efficient use of existing and build upon proposed infrastructure and investment
  • Enhance the quality and character of the community Use urban design principles to achieve quality development


  • Prepare an effective community engagement plan that reaches all segments of the impacted population
  • Prepare a comprehensive development plan and implementation strategy for Marlboro Pike
  • Rezone property to accommodate the development plan and implementation strategy
  • Prepare an urban design plan that encourages safe pedestrian and vehicular mobility
  • Develop illustrative design guidelines and standards appropriate for "place making" to guide revitalization and redevelopment of the area