Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Overview

Background and Purpose

The Melwood-Old Marlboro Pike study area falls within the northwestern part of the area included in the 2009 Approved Subregion 6 Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment. The recently approved plan contains economic development policies for Subregion 6 that promote redevelopment and revitalization of existing employment and commercial areas rather than greenfield development.  The plan also recommends capitalizing on employment growth at Andrews Air Force Base to promote compatible infill development that will attract an improved mix of private employment.  In approving the plan, the Planning Board and County Council requested that special attention be focused on the Melwood-Old Marlboro Pike commercial and industrial area to improve and strengthen this service hub. The intension of the Melwood- Old Marlboro Pike study is to analyze recent growth trends, indentify key development opportunities and zoning techniques to facilitate revitalization in a manner that will encourage quality economic development.

The Melwood Study will develop a roadmap by which the existing employment and commercial areas can be enhanced and development opportunities maximized by addressing key issues.  Issues identified to date that should be addressed include vehicular congestion and circulation as well as pedestrian circulation and connectivity, particularly to the surrounding residential neighborhoods.  A comprehensive list of issues will be developed with the community through a series of workshops, meetings, interviews and an on-line survey.  Based on the issues and concerns identified, the study may also include physical design recommendations for public space improvements, including possible new streetscapes, as well as guidelines for infill development and possible improvements to existing businesses.