Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Overview

Development Plan Goal

To stimulate public and private investment by providing standards that will guide future development to ensure a vital, pedestrian-oriented, mix of uses in the City of Mount Rainier through a comprehensive public participation process.

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Development Plan Objectives

• Create a community supported vision for the future of the Mount Rainier Town Center area that implements the policy recommendations of the 2002 Prince George’s County General Plan.

• Establish a realistic development program and investment/reinvestment strategy for the Mount Rainier Town Center area to stimulate development of M-U-TC zoned properties.

• Identify opportunities for land assembly and infill development to complement and achieve the development plan vision.

• Develop an implementation strategy that outlines the roles and responsibilities of public and private stakeholders.

• Develop form-based urban space guidelines and standards to create a vital and coherent public realm, as well as architectural building envelopes, and parking and loading guiding guidelines and standards to implement the urban design vision of the plans for all properties within the City of Mount Rainier M-U-TC Zone.

• Develop architectural guidelines that include specifications for signage to ensure that signs are clear, informative, durable, appropriately scaled and respectful of their context.

• Develop Urban Space Standards that address the design of the public realm, which includes public spaces (squares, greens, plazas, parks) and the public domain between building facades (travel lanes between curbs, sidewalks).