Prince George's County Planning Department

Other Planning Projects

Multiple planning efforts are currently underway or have been recently completed in Subregion 4. Some of these projects are studies and others are area plans. The studies will be important resources and are intended to help residents, stakeholders, and planners throughout the planning process. The sector plans are designed to address small and specific areas.

Subregion Master Plans

Sector Plan

Subregion 4: A Plan for the Heart of Prince George's County

Transit District Plans

Capitol Heights Transit District Development Plan
Planning Board Vote to Adopt Plan, November 29, 2007

The goal of the Capitol Heights Transit District Development Plan (TDDP) is to provide for transit-oriented development (TOD) around the Capitol Heights Metrorail Station. TOD is generally defined as development located within a ten-minute walk or one-half mile of a transit station. The Capitol Heights plan is intended to ensure that the development of land in the vicinity of the Metro station maximizes transit ridership, serves the economic and social goals of the area, and takes advantage of the unique development opportunities that multimodal public transportation provides. The plan boundaries were developed during a year-long community-based planning process that included community envisioning workshops held in July and August 2005, a pre-charrette workshop held in October 2005, a community planning charrette held in November 2005, and a post-charrette meeting held in January 2006. For more information about this project contact Bill Washburn by email or by phone at 301-952-3166.