Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Overview


The transit district development plan (TDDP)/transit district overlay zone (TDOZ) will guide and control land use and development of all properties at or near the New Carrollton Metro station consistent with transit-oriented development (TOD) principles. The project will be coordinated with neighboring municipalities, WMATA, Maryland Department of Transportation, Maryland Department of Planning, and county agencies.

This multiyear project will amend the 1989 Approved New Carrollton Transit District Development Plan, the 1994 Bladensburg-New Carrollton and Vicinity Approved Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment, the 1993 Landover and Vicinity Approved Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment, and the 2002 Prince George's County Approved General Plan. It will also implement recommendations in the 2004 New Carrollton Transit-Oriented Development Strategy Planning Study and incorporate the public infrastructure recommendations of an Urban Land Institute (ULI) Technical Assistance Panel hosted in July 2007 by M-NCPPC, the county, and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

Project Goals

The main goals of the TDDP are to promote TOD at the General Plan-designated "metropolitan center." Concurrent with the TDDP, zoning amendments will be drafted to implement the plan's land use recommendations.

The plan will address the following:

  • Streamline existing TDOZ and other regulations to respond to market realities
  • Refine the 2004 planning study's recommended public infrastructure improvement program
  • Identify funding/financial gaps to address through public-private partnerships
  • Enhance pedestrian and vehicular connectivity between properties north of the Metro station and those south of the station
  • Establish community and developer expectations for market-based TOD development
  • Focus county, state, and federal resources to stimulate TOD at the New Carrollton Metro Station