Prince George's County Planning Department

Riverdale Road (Beacon Heights Station)

Development Pattern beaconHeights

  • Approximately 800 garden apartment and 100 townhouse units within a quarter mile of the proposed platform
  • Stable existing single-family detached communities in close proximity to the station


  • Large county-owned facility directly across Riverdale Road from the proposed platform
  • Several large parcels in close proximity to station
  • Opportunity to revitalize existing strip commercial center at the southeast corner of the intersection of 66th Avenue and Riverdale Road
  • Opportunity to improve and diversify existing housing, retail, and service options

Recent Development ActivityBeaconHeights_Map2

  • Adkins Estates: Preliminary Plan, 1/07
  • Roswil Property: Detailed Site Plan, 6/04

Issues and Challenges

  • Displacement, affordability, and compatibility of land uses
  • Wide right-of-way for Baltimore-Washington Parkway
  • Buffering requirements along Baltimore-Washington Parkway right-of-way per Landscape Manual
  • Several parcels along Riverdale road are encumbered for access to other properties, which limits their redevelopment potential
  • Unsafe pedestrian/bicycle access across Baltimore-Washington Parkway overpass and at the intersection of Riverdale Road and Veterans Parkway
  • Need to relocate Prince George’s County Police operations as well as M-NCPPC Park Police operations from the county-owned headquarters at Riverdale Road and 67th Avenue in order to facilitate future redevelopment of the site