Prince George's County Planning Department

Riverdale Park Station

Development Pattern

  • The half-mile radius from the proposed transit station encompasses a mix of single-family homes, commercially zoned properties, and large portions of open space. One-family detached residential properties are the primary land use. To the north and south of the proposed transit station lies the Central Kenilworth Avenue commercial area, which has three shopping centers.


  • The commercial sector is located primarily along Kenilworth Avenue (MD 201) south of East-West Highway (MD 410). Establishments in this area are ringed by high-density multifamily residential complexes.
  • Commercial offices are located primarily along Kenilworth Avenue and East-West Highway/Riverdale Road. Businesses near the intersection of East-West Highway and Kenilworth Avenue have the highest visibility and pedestrian traffi c volumes.
  • Housing stock in the area consists of a mix of medium-to high density multifamily and single-family detached residential units.
  • Existing commercial uses are one-to two-story neighborhood-serving retail and storefront office uses. Riverdale Plaza dominates the area and contains its only supermarket (La Grande).
  • Significant areas of open space with passive and active recreation facilities are west of the station area. These facilities are part of the Anacostia River Park system.
  • Development opportunities include the Riverdale Plaza Shopping Center and Kenilfair Plaza, on Riverdale Road and Kenilworth Avenue, respectively.
  • Historic sites in the area include the Browning-Baines House and Riverdale Baptist Church, currently known as Refreshing Spring Church of God.
  • A church-owned commercial office building is located on the south side of Riverdale Road (MD 410). It contains office spaces for medical, legal, and other white-collar professionals.

Recent Development ActivityBeaconHeights_Map2


Issues and Challenges

  • Possible impact to/displacement of commercial establishments on Kenilworth Ave. west (between River Rd. and East-West Hwy) and on the south side of East- West Highway/Riverdale Road (east of Kenilworth Avenue), as a result of the planned Purple Line alignment and/or the proposed widening of Kenilworth Avenue between River Road and MD 410.
  • A large portion of Riverdale Park, on the eastern side of the Northeast Branch of the Anacostia River is located in the floodplain.
  • Properties to the north east of the station area are within the Aviation Policy Area (APA) 6 portion of the College Park Airport and are subject to certain height restrictions and property-sale notification requirements.