Prince George's County Planning Department

Planning Project Web Resources

Ten Principles for Reinventing America's Suburban Strips. A ULI report on how to enhance outdated suburban strips' ability to respond to market demand.

Ten Principles for Reinventing America's Suburban Business Districts. ULI compares the characteristics of successful suburban business districts.

"What Main Street Can Learn from the Mall." A must-read article on designing successful town and city shopping districts.

Building Communities with Transportation by Dan Burden. The walkable communities' guru shares the 14 principles of a community-oriented, mixed-use town center and suggests strategies for implementation.

Envision Utah. A complete guide to planning for citizens and planning departments from urban forestry to good residential design. This document illustrates and describes in-depth walkable commercial cores.

Albuquerque's Environmental Story: People Create Their Own Environment: Urban Design, by Manjeet K. Tangri. The City of Albuquerque wants its citizens to know about good design, and this site shows and tells them about people- and location-oriented design.

Project for Public Spaces: provides information on successful public spaces across the nation. It gives details on how to design and implement successful community placemaking strategies using public space.

New Urban News is a newsletter providing the latest information to assist citizens, planners business and property owners in creating human-scale communities.

Austin,Texas-Traditional Neighborhood District Criteria Manual. This model for a traditional neighborhood district explains many principles of mixed-use town centers and how they relate to the adjacent traditional neighborhoods.