Prince George's County Planning Department

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Logo Name Department of Environmental Resources
The Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources is responsible for county permits, enforcing property maintenance, and ensuring that communities are free of litter and abandoned vehicles.

Community Services Division
The Community Services Division (CSD) works to improve the quality of life for all Prince Georgians by providing citizens and businesses with enforcement services that keep every community in the County clean and safe.

Homeowners Guide to Permits
This booklet has been prepared to provide preliminary information and instructions regarding a number of common home improvement projects. The enclosed guidelines will enable homeowners and their contractors to understand the permit process and how it applies to their specific project.

County Contacts
Frequently asked questions regarding property maintenance

CutoutsDepartment of Public Works and Transportation
The Prince George's County Department of Public Works & Transportation is responsible for a range of road, transit, and public maintenance responsibilities for the county. For more information about the services of DPW&T, visit their website for frequently asked questions