Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Overview

Subregion 4The major goals of the Subregion Four Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) are to establish a cohesive vision for communities in central Prince George's County and implement the county's General Plan recommendations. The plan will serve to guide the improvement in the quality and character of established communities within the Subregion. Concurrent with the master plan, a SMA or comprehensive zoning update will be proposed to promote implementation of the plan's land-use recommendations. The work program will be coordinated with local and state government officials and agencies.

Subregion Four has been divided into six primarily residential living areas, containing one or more neighborhoods.  Areas that do not fall into the designated living areas will be addressed in a special industrial employment section of the plan. More information about the living areas can be found on our Living Area page.

A number of other planning projects have been completed or are currently underway in Subregion Four. To learn more about the planning efforts and studies in Subregion Four, visit our Programs and Projects page.