Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Schedule

The master plan process of the Prince George’s County Planning Department is uniquely different because it is a legislated process determined by the Prince George’s County Council. The county’s legislation requires master plans to be completed within 18 months after plan initiation. The Subregion 4 master plan is expected to initiate during spring 2008. Once a plan is initiated, planning staff are required to meet certain milestones including community workshops, completion of a preliminary draft of the plan, and public hearings held by the Planning Board and County Council. With an expected plan initiation date in summer 2008, county legislation will require M-NCPPC staff to complete the plan by mid-2010.

Council Update Briefing July 22, 2008
Planning Board Initiation (Thursday) July 31, 2008
District Council Plan Authorization (Tuesday) September 16, 2008
Planning Board Permission to Print (Thursday) July 9, 2009 
First Joint Public Hearing (Wednesday) September 9, 2009
Planning Board Work Session on PH 1 (Thursday) November 12, 2009
Planning Board Adoption (Thursday) December 3, 2009
Plan Transmittal to District Council (Thursday) December 18, 2009
District Council Work Session on Adopted Plan (Tuesday) February 2, 2010 
District Council Resolution of Approval OR Amendments (Tuesday)   March 2, 2010
Second Public Hearing on Amendments (Tuesday) March 30, 2010
Planning Board Work Session on second PH testimony (Thursday) April 22, 2010
District Council Work Session on Amendments (Tuesday) May 4, 2010
District Council Approval (Tuesday) May 18, 2010