Prince George's County Planning Department

Publications and Reports

Subregion 4 is a very large area and several plans and studies have been completed or are currently underway in the area. Below is a compilation of some of the reports, plans, and studies that are relevant to communities in Subregion 4 and should be important reference documents for residents and planners when formulating a vision for the plan.

Subregion Four Community Profiles, 2007
Suitland Park Mixed-Use Town Center Zone Development Plan, 2006
Central Avenue Transit-Oriented Development Corridor Development Strategy, 2006
Preliminary Capitol Heights Transit District Development Plan, 2007
Preliminary Landover Gateway Sector Plan and SMA, 2007
ULI Technical Assistance Panel Report for the Redevelopment of the Landover Mall Site, 2006

Landover Mall Market Study, 2007
Prince George's County Mixed-Use Study, 2007
New Carrollton Transit District Development Plan, 2007
General Plan for Prince George's County, 2002

Additional Publications and Reports

Research, Publications, and Reports in Prince George's County