Prince George's County Planning Department

Goals, Concepts, and Guidelines

The project team will evaluate the existing land use plan and zoning, and identify comprehensive updates to recommended land use, functional elements and zoning in conjunction with planning consultants and strong citizen participation.  The project goals are to:

  • Recommend land use and implementation strategies that are consistent with the 2002 Prince George's County Approved General Plan
  • Enhance the quality and character of existing communities
  • Make efficient use of existing and proposed infrastructure and investment
  • Protect environmentally sensitive areas
  • Promote a multimodal transportation network including use of public transit and increased pedestrian-oriented development

These goals will be achieved in the planning process through the:

  • Facilitation of broad, collaborative citizen participation
  • Use of graphics, maps and visual tools to illustrate elements of the plan, where appropriate
  • Rezoning of properties to reflect recommended land uses

Master Plan Concepts and Guidelines

The effects of growth can be both positive and negative. The plan will recommend growth management techniques that minimize the negative impacts and accentuate the positive impacts on existing communities.

The planning area has a jobs-to-housing ratio that is out of balance: too many houses, too few jobs. More local jobs for residents of the planning area equals shorter commutes and more leisure time, enhanced tax base and more tax revenue to pay for better services. During the planning process, employment land use will be evaluated in light of the General Plan's objective to increase the jobs-to-housing ratio. A trend to convert employment-based land uses to residential land uses will also be evaluated. Existing employment-based land use designations in Accokeek, at the Washington Executive Airport (Hyde Field) and in the Brandywine area will be closely examined along with opportunities for new employment areas.

In Accokeek, the plan will re-examine and refine the recommendations of the 2002 Accokeek Village Center Planning Study.

In Brandywine, the plan will develop land use recommendations that support the designated possible future center (see also centers and corridors).

In Clinton, the plan will strive to create a stronger sense of place and a more cohesive development pattern that strives to be pedestrian friendly.

The planning process will examine the appropriateness of existing land use and zoning designations in accordance with the General Plan¿s goals, especially along the boundaries between the Developing and Rural Tiers.

For more detailed information: Approved Goals Concepts and Guidelines and Public Participation Plan.

A master plan is a written report, approved by the District Council, which establishes how the county would like the land in the project area to develop in the future. It establishes recommendations that guide the county officials in making decisions on the use of land within the project boundary.

A sectional map amendment (SMA) amends the county’s official zoning map to implement the recommendations in an approved master plan.