Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Boundary

Subregion 5 is made up of approximately 75 square miles in southern Prince George’s County. It is generally located between Andrews Air Force Base (to the north) and Charles County (to the south), and between the Potomac River, Gallahan Road, Old Fort Road, Allentown Road, Steed Road and Tinkers Creek (to the west), and Piscataway Creek, a PEPCO electric utility right-of-way and the Pope’s Creek CONRAIL railroad (to the east). Subregion 5 includes the communities of Clinton, Brandywine and Accokeek (Planning Areas 81A, 81B, 83, 84, and 85A. The 1993 Subregion 5 approved master plan and sectional map amendment included Planning Area 85B, which is presently being addressed in the Subregion 6 master plan update.

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Subregion 5 Master Plan and SMA Boundary Map