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Subregion 6 Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment

The Approved Subregion 6 Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment is available on-line.
Contact: Betty Carlson-Jameson, project leader, at 301-952-3179.

Project Description:

This plan aims to address the issues affecting land use, transportation systems, housing and community character, environmental infrastructure, public facilities, and historic preservation. More specifically the plan analyzes the following:
  • Land use intensity and compatibility
  • Economic development
  • Preservation and protection of environmentally sensitive and scenic lands
  • Efficient use of existing and proposed county infrastructure and investment
  • Strategies for the conservation of rural character and promotion of sustainable development
  • Agricultural/rural district standards
  • Rural/scenic roadway standards

Project Boundary:

The plan covers Subregion 6 which includes a large portion of southeastern Prince George's County, and is approximately 124 square miles

Subregion 6 project boundary map

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