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Goals, Concepts, Guidelines and Public Participation Program

This document contains the proposed goals, concepts and guidelines, public participation program, and schedule for a new master plan and sectional map amendment for Subregion 6. The master plan will implement the 2002 Prince George's County Approved General Plan while also addressing the subregion's unique planning and development issues.

The last master plan completed in 1993 and associated sectional map amendment approved in 1994 for Subregion 6 covered only a portion of the subregion. The 1993 master plan included Planning Areas 79, 82A, 82B, 86A, 86B, 87A and 87B. Subregion 6 also includes the area of the Melwood Westphalia master plan approved in 1994, for Planning Areas 77 and 78. A sector plan and sectional map amendment was approved for Westphalia (a portion of Planning Area 78) in February 2007. The area of the new master plan for Subregion 6 includes Planning Area 85B in an effort to keep the portion of the Rural Tier in this area of the county together in one master plan.

For the purpose of this master plan, Subregion 6 comprises ten planning areas in southeastern Prince George's County: 77, 78, 79, 82A, 82B, 85B, 86A, 86B, 87A and 87B. Subregion 6 is approximately 124 square miles and is bounded to the east by the Patuxent River; to the south by the Charles County line; to the west by the Pope¿s Creek Conrail line, the PEPCO power line right-of-way, Piscataway Creek, Old Alexandria Ferry Road, Branch Avenue, Allentown Road, and the Capital Beltway; and to the north by Pennsylvania Avenue, Ritchie Marlboro Road, White House Road, Landover Road, Oak Grove Road, and Leeland Road. It includes suburban and rural communities, which are classified as part of the Developing or Rural Tier according to the 2002 Prince George's County General Plan.

The Goals and Concepts and Guidelines for the Subregion 6 master plan are a summary of the issues affecting the planning area. In keeping with the 2002 General Plan, these issues are organized into categories addressing the development pattern, infrastructure, and implementation. Specific issues to be addressed in this master plan include land use, transportation systems, housing and community character, environmental infrastructure, public facilities, and historic preservation. During the planning process, these issues will be examined in detail. Alternative development scenarios will be crafted, findings presented to the community, and solutions recommended in the master plan.

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