Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Mission

The mission of the Subregion 6 Project Team is to update the 1993 Approved Master Plan and 1994 Sectional Map Amendment for the Subregion 6 study area (Planning Areas 79, 82A, 82B, 86A, 86B, 87A, 87B); the 1994 Melwood-Westphalia Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (Planning Areas 77, 78) and Planning Area 85B; and part of the 2002 Approved Prince George's County General Plan covering that same area of Subregion 6, Melwood Westphalia and Planning Area 858. The team aims to create an analysis of recent growth trends, an evaluation of various short-and long-term strategies for sustainability, and a set of recommendations for the implementation of plan policies.

Important issues that need to be addressed in the plan include:

  • Land use intensity and compatibility to enhance the quality and character of communities in the subregion
  • Quality economic development
  • Preservation and protection of environmentally sensitive and scenic lands
  • Efficient use of existing and proposed county infrastructure and investment
  • Strategies for the conservation of rural character and promotion of sustainable development
  • Agricultural/rural district standards
  • Rural/scenic roadway standards
  • Comprehensive planning recommendations and zoning proposals in accordance with the procedures of the Zoning Ordinance