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Westphalia Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment

Plan Vision:

The 2007 Westphalia Sector Plan envisions the development of a unified, well-planned community focused on a high-density, transit- and pedestrian-oriented urban town center with ample public spaces suitable for community events. This plan encompasses over 6,000 acres with large tracts of undeveloped land and approximately 2,200 existing dwelling units located in small subdivisions or on rural lots. Six large development projects, each ranging from 1,000 to over 3,500 residential units, and a number of smaller projects are in the early stages of development. One of the larger projects, the Westphalia Town Center, envisions approximately three to five million square feet of commercial development. The planning concept for Westphalia promotes:

Mixed-Use, Retail, Office and Industrial Development:

  • A new urban town center with a mix of high-density commercial and residential development that is transit- and pedestrian-oriented and incorporates ample public amenities.
  • New retail: Approximately three-quarters of a million square feet in the town center and three village centers.
  • New employment space: Approximately four and a half million square feet, primarily in the town center area.
  • New industrial: Infill development along I-95 corridor near Joint Base Andrews.

Residential Development, Transportation, Public Facilities and Services:

  • Residential: Approximately 14,000-15,300 new units in a wide range of housing types and densities, with higher densities in the urban town center area.

  • Transportation:
    • New and improved roads and trails designed to provide convenient vehicle and pedestrian access to schools, recreation areas, green spaces, shopping and the town center.
    • Transit facilities and services designed to evolve as the community develops. 
  • Public Facilities and Services:
    • Five new elementary schools, a new middle school, and a new high school.
    • New police, fire and rescue, library, and health facilities.
    • Open space, parks and recreation facilities on approximately 1,850 acres within and immediately  adjacent to the Westphalia sector plan area.
    • A new 150-acre Central Park located near the town center featuring a lake, a variety of active sports facilities, community event facilities, family gathering and open space areas.

Approved Plan:

By Council Resolution CR-2-2007, the Prince George's County Council, sitting as the District Council, approved the Westphalia Sector Plan with amendments on February 6, 2007. The Plan and SMA amend portions of the 1994 Melwood-Westphalia Master Plan and SMA. A final printed version of the 2007 Approved Westphalia Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment is in preparation. Information about availability of the plan will be posted here as soon as the plan is complete, and can be obtained by calling the Community Planning South Division office at (301) 952-3972.

The 2007 Approved Westphalia Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment consists of the following items and can be downloaded below: (Adobe Reader is required to read these files: Adobe Reader )

PDF Preliminary Westphalia Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment

As amended or revised by:

  o PDF Planning Board Resolution No. 06-159

  o PDF County Council Resolution (CR-2-2007)

Approved Plan Maps: