Prince George's County Planning Department


The new mixed-use zoning tool is being developed by an experienced and highly qualified team of consultants working under the direction of planning staff who have worked closely with the existing mixed-use zoning tools available in Prince George’s County. The Community Planning North Division is managing the project on behalf of the Planning Department.

The development of the new zoning tool features a stakeholder involvement program. The program includes meetings with staff, county and state agencies, members of the Prince George’s County Planning Board and County Council, the Office of the County Executive, citizens, and other stakeholders.

The consultant has produced two technical memorandum covering the following:

evaluation of existing design regulations and implementation techniques, including a determination of appropriate mandatory standards needed to build the public realm and "sense of place".

An overview and
evaluation of "best practices" for mixed-use zoning and placemaking techniques currently in use or under development across the country.

These memorandums complement the stakeholder input, and together form the basis to develop and legislate the new zone itself. Finally, the consultant has created presentation materials that explain the new zone and how it is applied.