Prince George's County Planning Department

Project Description

WHAT is this project about?

This project will include the designation of an Architectural Conservation District (ACD) and development of an Architectural Conservation Plan (ACP) utilizing the Architectural Conservation Overlay Zone (ACOZ).

The ACOZ and ACP would promote context-sensitive infill, additions, and renovations in future single-family neighborhoods in the city. The ACOZ zoning tool is intended to preserve and protect the architectural or design character as designated by the ACP. The ACP will be the guiding document for development within the ACOZ. This will be the first of its kind in Prince George's County.

The developed ACP will review existing and proposed design regulations, as appropriate, to ensure infill development, renovations, and additions are compatible in scale and scope with the surrounding development.

This planning project will work to develop the following:

  • A user-friendly ACP that includes a physical and historical description of the ACD
  • Detailed inventory of the built environment
  • An architectural survey
  • Pattern book to provide visual guidance to homeowners, architects, and contractors

This project will be led collaboratively by staff from the Prince George's County Planning Department, a consultant, and multiple stakeholders from the City of Mount Rainier.

WHERE is the project area located?

The project area boundary includes all single-family residential zones within the City of Mount Rainier as shown in the map here.

WHO will be served by this project?

All those who are interested in future infill development, renovations, and additions in single-family residential neighborhoods in the City of Mount Rainier will be impacted by the ACP and ACOZ.

WHY are we doing this project?

To help respect the historic context and preserve and protect the architectural character and scale of development in the established neighborhoods of the City of Mount Rainier.