Prince George's County Planning Department

Plan Related Definitions

TOD – Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) encourages a mix of uses with compact and walkable design within a quarter- to half-mile radius of transit. The College Park – Riverdale Park TDDP and TDOZ will seek to achieve TOD principles and goals, such as:

o   Reducing automobile trips and transportation costs for residents

o   Increasing transit ridership

o   Improving access to employment in the region

o   Improving public health through safe walking and biking



TDOZ – The Transit District Overlay Zone (TDOZ) was created to encourage intensive land development in the vicinity of metro stations in order to maximize transit ridership and reduce automobile use. The TDOZ is superimposed over underlying conventional zones in a designated area around a metro station. The TDOZ may modify certain requirements of the underlying zones, such as permitted uses, parking regulations, sign requirements, and the location and height of buildings. Most development in a TDOZ requires approval of a detailed site plan by the Planning Board.


TDDP – The Transit District Development Plan (TDDP) is the document that controls and guides the use and development of all land within the transit district overlay zone (TDOZ) from the initial submittal to the issuance of permits.